The seminar, organized by Polo SOSIA as part of the animation activities, took place on 7 April remotely.


The first topic related 5G transmission system: IT risks derive not from the 5G system, which is very secure in itself, but from the applications using it and from the sharing of the infrastructure among a plurality of users. A 5G test bed is active at the SIIT laboratories on which various projects are developed, specifically addressing the issue of security: ASTRID and SPIDER, based on the virtualization of distributed ICT infrastructures, specifically address the issue of cybersecurity and protection techniques from attacks.


Various projects are then presented, carried out by member bodies of the Polo, which concern the physical safety of infrastructures and systems: CityScape operating on the domain of local public transport, X2020 platform for resilience and safety in the heterogeneous urban context, the risk analysis in Seveso plants, city-wide emergency management, weather now-casting, safety in autonomous vehicles used in the port environment.


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