S.O.S.I.A. Pole

The Research and Innovation Pole S.O.S.I.A. (Environmental risk management and territorial control, Cybersecurity of critical infrastructures, Innovative ICT systems for the Intelligent Factory and automation) was established in response to the Guidelines issued by Liguria Region for the “Reorganization and Harmonization of the Research and Innovation Centers of Liguria Region” to be implemented with the contribution of the European Fund for Regional Development (POR-FESR-2014-2020-axis 1), and was admitted together with four other Regional Poles.


SIIT S.C.P.A., is the manager of the SOSIA Pole

SIIT S.C.P.A. is a consortium company whose main goal is to promote the competitiveness of the Ligurian territory in the integrated intelligent systems sector.

The activities of the Manager of the Pole were carried out with the contribution of the European Regional Development Fund in the context of the 2014-2020 POR of Liguria Region (Axis 1, OT1, Action 1.2.4).

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