The SOSIA Pole has as a priority objective the development and implementation of programs, projects and activities mainly related to the following areas:

Management of the environmental risks and territorial control

Study and development of applications in close collaboration with the stakeholders of the domain, which allow the integration of prevention and mitigation measures, monitoring and alert systems, emergency management (hydro-geological risk; environmental pollution in the air, land, rivers and sea; flood and coastal erosion). Definition of a temporal roadmap that provides support for the development of an articulated program for the recovery and environmental control of the territory of Liguria Region.
The program is based both on the rational integration of existing systems, applications, products and technologies, and on the integration of innovative elements resulting from new planning

Cybersecurity and security of critical infrastructures

Including industrial control systems for energy production and distribution, for supply chains, and for transport. Data, digital identity and application security in emerging computing paradigms (web, mobile, cloud and Internet-of-Things). Application security and security-by-design. Controlled sharing of classified information and documents. Cybersecurity training platforms. Elaboration of an innovative development plan for cybersecurity with the creation of regional centers of excellence in the research and industrial production sector.

Innovative ICT systems for the Smart Factory and automation

Reference to the FI SharedLab-Liguria initiative and the National Intelligent Factory Cluster: systems for customized production; strategies, methods and tools for industrial sustainability; systems for the development of people in factories; high efficiency production systems; innovative production processes; evolutionary and adaptive production systems; strategies and management for next generation production systems.

Research Infrastructures

The ITS Research Infrastructure is part of the Multidomain Research Infrastructure, set up in collaboration with the University of Genoa – Savona Pole.


Innovative research and development projects, on which companies and research institutions operate.